Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SQLIO - Analyze results with SSRS

If you are a SQL Server DBA and haven't heard of or used SQLIO, there is a great post by Brent Ozar that walks you through that process.  A noted in the post, SQLIO really has nothing to do with SQL Server in particular; rather it's a free utility from Microsoft that measures storage IO performance.

Now, once you've run those massive, time consuming scripts with scores of parameter combinations, how can you easily decipher the data?  Since I knew I would be using this process many times in my career, I decided to put together an SSRS report - a picture is often worth a million words.  If you are interested in getting a copy of the RDL, please let me know and I would be more than happy to share it with you.

Since the report is rather large, I'll share sections at a time.

First, the header area with various parameters you can select:

Once you select your various parameters, there are three core metrics you are interested in: IOPS, Latency and Throughput.




The on the bottom I do share the raw output with sortable headers - comes in handy:

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