Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My DBA Toolbox

Tools and Scripts
Quest/Dell Spotlight - Operational Monitoring, Diagnostics, Administration and Automated Tuning
Quest/Dell Spotlight Freemium - Same as above, minus some functionality - still a great tool. (free)
Quest/Dell Discovery Wizard - Locates SQL Server instances on your network (free)
RedGate SQL Prompt - SSMS add-in to refactor/format tSQL, auto-complete
APEX Refactor - SSMS add-in to refactor/format tSQL (free)
RedGate SQL Compare - Compare and deploy schema changes
SSMSBoost - SSMS add-in with useful features (free)
SSMS Tools Pack - SSMS add-in with useful features, from Mladen Prajdic (free)
Internals Viewer - SSMS add-in to view low-level page details
sp_AskBrent - Great tool for performance diagnostics, from Brent Ozar, Brent Ozar Unlimited (free)
sp_Blitz - Script to check for health and perf problems, from Brent Ozar, Brent Ozar Unlimited (free)
sp_BlitzCache - What's in your plan cache?? from Jeremiah Peschka, Brent Ozar Unlimited (free)
sp_BlitzIndex - Diagnose index disorders, from Kendra Little, Brent Ozar Unlimited (free)
sp_BlitzTrace - Trace a single SPID in close detail, from Kendra Little, Brent Ozar Unlimited (free)
sp_WhoIsActive - sp_who + sp_who2 on steroids, from Adam Machanic (free)
sp_DataProfile - powerful data investigation tool, from Richie Rump (free, new!)
SQLQueryStress - SQL Server query performance testing tool, from Adam Machanic (free)
Set up SQL Server Agent Alerts - script from BrentOzar.com to set up some basic alerts (free)
Ola Hallengran - backup, DBCC, index/stats maintenance (free)
ScriptSQLConfig - Automate the scripting of SQL Server environment for DR purposes (free)
SQLIO - Tool to determine the I/O capacity of a given hardware configuration (free)
Diskspd - A robust storage testing tool from Microsoft (free, new!)
CrystalDiskMark - disk benchmark software (free)
ClearTrace - Import SQL Server trace files for aggregate analysis (free)
SQL Sentry Plan Explorer - Provides a more in-depth analysis of your execution plans (free)
Diagnostic Information Queries - by Glenn Berry (free)
StatisticsParser.com - Tool to parse/summarize your SET STATISTICS IO ON output (free)
Compression Estimator - Estimate compression savings on an entire database (free)
Remote Server Administration Tools Pack - Allows remote administration from a PC (free)
Terminals - Organize your RDP and other connections (free)
Microsoft Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server (free)
Notepad++ - free source code editor