Wednesday, October 9, 2013

IO Stats - Putting Lipstick on the Pig

As DBA's we've got dozens if not hundreds of scripts to analyze various metrics and spit out an over-abundance of data, but in some cases it's nice to prettify the data a bit so it's easier to consume.  That's where SSRS comes into play.  As a DBA if I find myself running the same query over, and over, I'll put it into a stored procedure and create a report that I (and perhaps others) can subscribe to.  Another benefit is that we can put conditional logic in the cells to color code/highlight certain metrics that may be outside a threshold.

I put the following report together to query various pieces of IO data and highlight whether those metrics are above certain thresholds, which I've defined as parameters.  In a perfect world, you would like to see <20ms for reads and <4ms for writes, but in many cases that's not a reality.  We're still working with SANs that have older, slower drives or whatever the case may be.  At any rate, you can adjust the read/write goals and the report will highlight the metrics accordingly.

Preview of report: