Friday, March 7, 2014

My SQL Server Installation Checklist

I figured since I was doing a fresh install of SQL Server 2012 Enterprise, I might as well document the installation process for future reference.  The items may not be in any particular order.

  1. Install SQL Server!
    1. Create AD account to run services under, if necessary
    2. Create folder structure for data files, transaction logs, TempDB, backups, etc.
    3. Install any SP's and/or CU's
    4. Enable the DAC
  2. Register the instance with the Central Management Server
  3. Instance Configuration
    1. Configure Min/Max Server Memory appropriately (Properties > Memory)
    2. Double-check the Data and Log locations (Properties > Database Settings)
    3. Configure baseline values for Cost Threshold for Parallelism (50) and MAXDOP (1/2 cores in single processor)
    4. Create Login for SQL Server service AD Group/Account(s)
    5. Change the number of SQL Server Logs to retain from 6 to 25
    6. Create job to cycle errors logs nightly at midnight (goes with #5, normally TSX)
    7. Create Operator(s) for DBA
    8. Enable Optimize for Ad-Hoc Workloads (in most cases)
    9. Configure Database Mail for sending alerts (if new, 
  4. Scripts
    1. Install Ola Hallengren's maintenance scripts
      • Schedule user backups accordingly
      • If using centralized administration for jobs, add to master jobs
    2. Install additional SQL Server Agent alerts from Brent Ozar
      • Be sure the operator is set up correctly prior - find/replace appropriately
This is not complete, but I wanted to publish it for feedback and further input.