Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Useful SQL Server Articles

I used to have these on My DBA Toolbox post, but it was getting a little full so I'm pulling out my list of favorite articles and sharing them in their own post.  Enjoy!

Paul Randal (b | t)
Misconceptions around Trace Flag 1118
Turn off backup success messages, Trace Flag 3226
Wait statistics, or please tell me where it hurts
Script - open transactions with text and plans

Kimberly Tripp (b | t)
Transaction Log VLFs - too many or too few?
Ever-increasing clustering key - the Clustered Index Debate.... again!

Brent Ozar (b | t)
Triage Wait Stats in SQL Server
What is the CXPACKET Wait Type, and How Do You Reduce It?
SQLIO Tutorial: How to Test Disk Performance
SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014 Setup Checklist

Joe Sack (b | t)
Performance Tuning with Wait Stats

Thomas LaRock (b | t)
Are you Using the Right SQL Server Performance Metrics

Kalen Delaney (b | t)
Geek City: Reducing Cache Bloat and a Metadata Bug

Aaron Bertrand (b | t)
SQL Server DDL Triggers to Track All Database Changes
Useful, free resources for SQL Server
Bad habits : Putting NOLOCK everywhere

Robert Davis (b | t)
Schema-only Backups and Restores

Paul White (b | t)
Parameter Sniffing, Embedding, and the RECOMPILE Options
Temporary Tables in Stored Procedures
Temporary Table Caching Explained

Allan Hirt (b | t)
How to Properly Configure DTC for Clustered Instances of SQL Server

Jonathan Kehayias (b | t)
Great SQL Server Debates: Lock Pages in Memory (LPiM)
Extended Events - Targets Week - ring_buffer New!