Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Custom System Center Reports for Windows Updates

Chances are if you've used System Center (SCCM) you'll find that the reports are less than adequate for keeping tabs on software updates in your environment.  Because of that, I decided to author a couple of Reporting Services (SSRS) reports to inform me which servers/computers (I'll use "server(s)" the rest of the way) require how many updates, along with the ability to click in and get more details as to which updates those are.  On the summary report you can search for servers containing certain characters - if you have a lot of servers this comes in handy.  You can then click on the server name to get more details.  On the detailed report, I decided to color code the severity and provide a direct link to the Microsoft KB.

New! I have added a Severity Level drop-down to allow you to just review servers/workstations that only require critical updates.  I've also added a Type drop-down so you can choose between Servers and Workstations (you will have to get some data from the database for this - review/modify the Dataset as needed).  I've also added a total count of devices and count of those requiring critical updates, along with a percentage - management often inquires on those high-level sorts of statistics.

Click here to get the RDL for the summary report.  Here is a preview:

Click here to get the RDL for the summary report.  Here is a preview:

Happy patching!